We optimize software packages for all perspectives

Solutions for the connected home

IOPSYS designs and develops a software solution for smart connected homes. Our software solutions address products such as Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders, mesh systems, fiber termination boxes, and IoT devices. It optimizes device performance and enables the hosting of third-party applications.

Device software and management solutions

Our customers are Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of smart home devices. By designing and developing device software of Software Development Kits (SDK), we offer fully integrated device software. IOPSYS solutions are optimized software packages covering all perspectives: OEM, ISP network operations, ISP customer care, and consumers.

Open Source

IOPSYS is a strong supporter of open-source software and actively contributes to the open-source community. We value the open-source community and the fundaments of sharing and collaborating. We take pride in developing and contributing to a framework that will enable devices to pair and share information in a common language and offer a true plug-and-play experience across platforms. By utilizing an open-source OS such as IOWRT, we enable close collaboration between users, hardware manufacturers, and the broader OpenWrt* ecosystem.

With IOWRT, we combine the best from the open-source community with the requirements of carrier-grade from the broadband and gateway industry, resulting in a platform-independent OS based on OpenWrt. Service providers and Wi-Fi customer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturers want to offer a wide variety of easy-to-install devices and new, innovative services with fast time-to-market (TTM) and low total cost of ownership.

Worldwide reach

Throughout the full life cycle of the software solutions, IOPSYS offers extensive support.

Today, IOPSYS has customers serving millions of homes with smart home software that is easy and efficient to use, monitor, and manage.

*OpenWrt is a trademark owned by Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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