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IOWRT enables Appstore functionality on the Gateway

On any given day, a residential broadband service provider needs to develop and deliver services and support customers. Operators use different systems and tools to manage each of those activities—and spend a lot of time and money making sure that the various systems work together. Much more time and money than they need, and can afford in today’s competitive landscape.

IOWRT is an open-source standards-based platform that via a well-defined, standardized API becomes the base upon which other applications, processes, or technologies are developed. The Cloud services and the end-user smart phone application utilize the same well defined USP API. IOWRT offers all of the tools you’ll need, supported and documented to get a fast track into service providers’ application portfolio. You can easily access and integrate with any Cloud or system you want or need to make IOPSYS Cloud work for your business.

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