IOWRT – Open-source OS for Broadband & IoT Gateways

Supplying a proactive software strategy for your digital home equipment

Service providers and Wi-Fi customer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturers want to offer a broad variety of easy-to-install devices and new, innovative services with fast time-to-market (TTM) and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

IOWRT is a Commerical Open-Source Software (COSS) that combines technology from the OpenWrt* community with carrier-grade requirements from the Broadband and IoT industry, resulting in a platform-independent gateway software based on OpenWrt*.

IOWRT is the most flexible and innovative open-source operating system (OS) for broadband and IoT devices on the market.

*OpenWrt is a trademark owned by Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Open, standardized and scalable

IOWRT is an open-source operating system (OS) for embedded Linux devices such as Broadband and IoT Gateways. With IOWRT you can build your own unified CPE software layer to suit specific customer requirements.

Key elements in IOWRT: 

  • Security hardened
  • Certified and qualified by large operators
  • Hardware and access technology agnostic
  • Built around open standards
  • Well architectured container support for 3rd party applications
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM) Support
  • Easy Mesh ready
  • Triple play services
  • VoIP over IP supporting POTS and DECT
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

Open and proven

IOWRT is used on multiple vendors’ chipsets (SoC) and CPE manufacturers’ hardware. The number of multi-play operators deploying gateways with IOWRT is steadily increasing and currently amounts to more than 25 across various markets. The total number of residential gateways running IOWRT is approximately one million. With IOWRT, we combine the best from the open source community with carrier-grade requirements from the gateway industry. 

The IOWRT software suite

Here are technical details of IOWRT – Download
  • Broadband connectivity such as DSL, G.Fast, Active Ethernet, PON and LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • IPTV & Media
  • Security
  • Voice
  • Well-proven carrier grade, open-source software
  • The market’s most responsive and intuitive GUI
  • Full operator management enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses
  • High reliability & rich feature set increases end-user satisfaction
  • Secure access to home network
  • Hardware agnostic, enabling full hardware vendor flexibility while enjoying the benefits of a unified software layer
  • Committed roadmap with regular system releases, maintenance releases and security updates

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The great opportunity of the connected smart home can only be captured if you control the software.


As we provide equipment that can be managed remotely, we can offer our customers better quality of service from end to end.

Rex WM Hui

The buzz right now is around containers and an app-enabled ‘smart gateway’. While we’ve always been advocates of this model (we’ve had an app-store for IOWRT for nearly 10 years), the hardware, memory, and operator resources are finally there to realize this.



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