IOWRT – Open-Source OS for Broadband & IoT Gateways

Unlock a proactive software strategy for your digital home equipment

Are you a service provider or Wi-Fi customer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturer looking to bring easy-to-install devices and new, innovative services to your customers quickly and cost-effectively?

IOWRT is a Commercial Open-Source Software that merges technology from the OpenWrt* community with carrier-grade requirements from the Broadband and IoT industries. The result? A versatile gateway software that works seamlessly across different platforms.

IOWRT is the most flexible and innovative open-source operating system (OS) for broadband and IoT devices on the market.

*OpenWrt is a trademark owned by Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Standardized and scalable

With IOWRT, you can build your own unified CPE software layer to suit specific customer requirements.

Key elements in IOWRT: 

  • Security hardened
  • Certified and qualified by large operators
  • Hardware and access technology agnostic
  • Built around open standards
  • Well architectured container support for 3rd party applications
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM) Support
  • Easy Mesh ready
  • Triple play services
  • VoIP over IP supporting POTS and DECT
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

Open and proven

IOWRT is already used on chipsets from multiple vendors and hardware from CPE manufacturers. Over 25 multi-play operators in diverse markets use IOWRT for their gateways and is steadily increasing. With over one million residential gateways deployed with IOWRT, we combine the best from the open source community with carrier-grade requirements from the gateway industry.

Effective software management with IOWRT, an open-source operating system

Managing different residential gateways and router software is common practice for providers offering broadband services for connected homes. However, multiple software is challenging to upgrade. Service providers are adopting open-source operating systems more often, an opportunity to manage software more efficiently and provide a consistent consumer experience.

The IOWRT software suite

IOWRT provides a full SDK solution with security enhancements and features rich services, such as local and remote management, enhanced Wi-Fi experience, VoIP, and quality of service.

Here are technical details of IOWRT – Download
  • Broadband connectivity such as DSL, G.Fast, Active Ethernet, PON and LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • IPTV & Media
  • Security
  • Voice
  • Well-proven carrier grade, open-source software
  • The market’s most responsive and intuitive GUI
  • Full operator management enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses
  • High reliability & rich feature set increases end-user satisfaction
  • Secure access to home network
  • Hardware agnostic, enabling full hardware vendor flexibility while enjoying the benefits of a unified software layer
  • Committed roadmap with regular system releases, maintenance releases and security updates

Your guide to understanding the benefits of an open-source OS

This guide presents a practical overview of OpenWrt and how to combine it with an open-source operating system to manage software independent of the hardware. We also describe the benefits of this solution to help OEM professionals understand the business value.

Download Guide
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The buzz right now is around containers and an app-enabled ‘smart gateway’. While we’ve always been advocates of this model (we’ve had an app-store for IOWRT for nearly 10 years), the hardware, memory, and operator resources are finally there to realize this.


Depending on where you are as a CSP, you are better positioned to compete if you have a much more open system. You can’t be competitive in a fast-moving landscape if you buy software from a vendor where it’s not open-source, and you can’t impact the code

Senior Business Leader

Today, many service providers and gateway manufacturers share common challenges in sustaining siloed software platforms for their hardware. Relying on proprietary software has many hidden costs to consider.


I saw that OpenWrt is a perfect base for our gateway; all the basics are already in place with a good operating system we could use. We have the ability to put our application on top.

within smart metering products and solutions

IOWRT enables EE to execute its vision of a dynamic open-source based operating system that is the same on any hardware, embraces any service and enables industry-leading customer experiences in a substantially shorter time.

EE - Part of BT Group


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