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How is it working with IOPSYS?

We asked Charles Foster, Head of CPE Convergence at British Telecom, to tell us about his experience working with IOPSYS as a partner. Please check the video (0:39 sec).


“I think it has been great fun”
Charles Foster


Depending on where you are as a CSP, you are better positioned to compete if you have a much more open system. You can’t be competitive in a fast-moving landscape if you buy software from a vendor where it’s not open-source, and you can’t impact the code

Senior Business Leader

We wanted to develop features and functionalities over the lifetime of a product, and we were aware that we couldn’t do everything ourselves. Open-source is the right choice for us.

Today, many service providers and gateway manufacturers share common challenges in sustaining siloed software platforms for their hardware. Relying on proprietary software has many hidden costs to consider.


I saw that OpenWrt is a perfect base for our gateway; all the basics are already in place with a good operating system we could use. We have the ability to put our application on top.

within smart metering products and solutions

The buzz right now is around containers and an app-enabled ‘smart gateway’. While we’ve always been advocates of this model (we’ve had an app-store for IOWRT for nearly 10 years), the hardware, memory, and operator resources are finally there to realize this.


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