Company information – meet the management team

The leading supplier of open-source OS for embedded Linux devices such as Broadband and IoT Gateways

IOPSYS is a Swedish software company, founded 2018 and headquartered in Stockholm. We have created a unique position by developing a world-leading, open-source operating system, IOWRT. IOWRT enables broadband operators to offer next-generation services in the connected home, independent of CPE platforms.

Strong position in the telecom industry

IOPSYS is a subsidiary of Inteno Group AB and in 2021 IOPSYS acquired the software company Seliro. Seliro designs and develops full stack operating systems for Wi-Fi products, EnsemblePRO, as well as a standards-based management platform, MaestroACS. From November 1, 2021, the companies are fully merged and operate under the IOPSYS brand. Together they have a strong position in the telecom industry not only as a leading supplier and proactive driver of open-source software but also as a supplier of independent management platforms.

IOPSYS customers are Communication and Internet Service Providers (CSP & ISP) and OEMs/ODMs within the global broadband and connected home industry. IOPSYS employs about 50 FTEs, and runs operations in 5 countries across Europe and Asia.


Management team

Joakim Bennerholt


Kajsa Arvidsson


Strhuan Blomquist


Fredrik Blümer


Michael Gustavsson

Senior Advisor


Marie Kjellberg

HR Manager

Sukru Senli

R&D Manager