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OpenWrt* (from open wireless router) is a Linux-based open-source project started in 2004. It is used for embedded operating systems, targeting network devices. The large OpenWrt community of software developers provides a fully writable filesystem with package management, containing over 3500 features and functions.

For developers, OpenWrt is the framework to build an application without having to build a complete firmware around it. For users, this means the ability for full customization and to use the device in ways never envisioned.

OpenWrt is the best base for gateway manufacturers to manage multiple SoCs and a unified architecture for their residential router portfolio. Equally, it is the best base for Service Providers to implement a unified software layer for their residential broadband offering.

IOPSYS supports and engages heavily in open-source software to leverage and contribute expertise to the developer community. OpenWrt is the underlying open-source technology in IOWRT – our commercial open-source operating system (OS) for broadband and IoT gateways. In IOWRT, IOPSYS adds standardized service provider features, support, test protocols, and documentation to offer carrier-grade OpenWrt.

We are committed to never compromising the OpenWrt code.


*OpenWrt is a trademark owned by Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Benefit from OpenWrt

Because OpenWrt has applications based on standards, there are many benefits for device manufacturers and service providers. Including: 

  1. Easily extensible. This means you can copy the same setup ranging from low-end to high-end products. You can develop one software to service all the different platforms.
  2. Highly cost-efficient. It does not make any difference if you use a low-cost or a high-end chip; you can use the same software across a broad spectrum of products and chipsets.
  3. Reliable performance and stability. The open-source community thoroughly tests applications, continuously enhancing standards.
  4. Highly secure. Security is built in by default and always up-to-date based on improvements from the open-source community.

Today, many service providers and gateway manufacturers share common challenges in sustaining siloed software platforms for their hardware. Relying on proprietary software has many hidden costs to consider.


I saw that OpenWrt is a perfect base for our gateway; all the basics are already in place with a good operating system we could use. We have the ability to put our application on top.

within smart metering products and solutions

IOWRT enables EE to execute its vision of a dynamic open-source based operating system that is the same on any hardware, embraces any service and enables industry-leading customer experiences in a substantially shorter time.

EE - Part of BT Group
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Understanding the value of OpenWrt

Imagine one software layer to help you manage a wide variety of devices and, at the same time, meet your customer needs. OpenWrt might be the answer for customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturers looking to optimize and manage their devices more efficiently in terms of costs and developing new innovative products.

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Your guide to understanding the benefits of an open-source OS

This guide presents a practical overview of OpenWrt and how to combine it with an open-source operating system to manage software independent of the hardware. We also describe the benefits of this solution to help OEM professionals understand the business value.

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Managing resource challenges by re-thinking commercial open-source software

In conversation with the CEO of an innovative company within smart metering products and solutions, we discussed how to meet growing business needs by skillfully managing resources. Commercial open-source software plays a critical role.

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What is OpenWrt?

IOPSYS is proud to support the OpenWrt community and we are committed to living by the open-source model of sharing and collaborating.

Learn more about OpenWrt and IOPSYS in this short video (1.31)


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