Huseyin at Computex 2023

4 Main Trends from Computex 2023

by Huseyin Demirkaya

Computex 2023 is one of the leading events covering ICT and IoT supply chains and ecosystems. Some of the topics covered were high performance computing, artificial intelligence applications, next-gen connectivity, hyperreality, innovations and startups and sustainability. Our colleague Huseyin Demirkaya describes some of the most interesting trends from the event.

1. Wi-Fi 7

Like other industry events, Wi-Fi 7 is the main technology discussed as the next generation of connectivity. We expect more service providers to adopt Wi-Fi 7 for broadband gateways and routers. Many suppliers already have Wi-Fi 7 chipsets ready to deploy. Wi-Fi 7 on computers, mobile phones and game consoles were demonstrated. (see our other article related to Wi-Fi 7)

2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Exciting opportunities for AI as one supplier phrased it, “You don’t have to understand AI; AI will understand you.” Solutions such as on-device intelligence enhancement were mentioned, where AI runs in the background to enhance photography, videos, gaming, gateway management, and radio frequency performance. The future of AI is forecasted to be a hybrid of on-device AI and cloud AI which will be seamless for the end user. An AI stack on chips can be applied to any device ranging from a car to a toaster.

Generative AI is moving to the foreground enabling new applications to create a wide variety of data, such as new images, videos, or text, in a few seconds. Generative AI can also impact AR and VR. In the future, AI performance will become another critical metric consumers will look for when purchasing a computer, similar to how they compare CPU and GPU performance. A new super chip called Grace Hopper was presented to accelerate AI and high-performance computing.

3. Smart Automotive

New partnerships were announced to integrate graphics processing units and AI software to make cars smarter and better connected with enhanced computing capabilities. These collaborations create opportunities for car manufacturers to offer new user experiences, enhance car safety functions, and connect services for basic to luxury cars. AI chipsets capture car data to enable autonomous advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).


4. Sustainability

Setting a broadband gateway on eco-mode is just one example of how companies strive to meet net-zero carbon emissions targets. AI will play a critical role in effectively managing power efficiency on devices. Adapting technology to meet the three Rs to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and materials was discussed. As we have seen at other events such as ANGA COM, sustainability is a topic that is here to stay.



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