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4 reading tips for gateway vendors – Leverage the benefits of an open-source operating system

To take full advantage of an open-source operating system, consider a software platform instead of individual siloed software for each device. You can develop applications on top of the software because the open-source operating system (OS) enables you to use the same software across multiple products. If you find a bug in one product, it’s probably the same across many products. Now you can fix all your products at the same time. This is one of many benefits of using an open-source OS for gateway vendors. Read more in the articles below:

How to benefit from open-source SDK

Everyone in the supply chain has experienced the impact of chipset scarcity these past years and some chip shortages could remain through 2023 and into 2024. This has led many gateway vendors of connected home products to re-think their approach when developing new products. Instead of relying on one System on a Chip (SoC) supplier, sourcing from several suppliers is a path many gateway vendors have taken. But what does this mean for product development and how can an open-source SDK (Software Development Kit) help? Read the article here.

How to effectively manage different chipsets for your connected homes portfolio

What are the benefits of an open-source operating system for gateway vendors who rely on multiple chipset suppliers for their connected home products? We have interviewed the COO of one of our key customers. Read the article.

Managing resource challenges by re-thinking commercial open-source software

In conversation with the CEO of an innovative company within smart metering products and solutions, we discussed how to meet growing business needs by skillfully managing resources. Commercial open-source software plays a critical role. Read the article.

Understanding the value of OpenWrt

Imagine one software layer to help you manage a wide variety of devices and, at the same time, meet your customer needs. OpenWrt* might be the answer for gateway vendors looking to optimize and manage their devices more efficiently regarding costs and developing new innovative products. Read the article.


Your guide to understanding the benefits of an open-source OS

This guide gives you a practical overview of how to better manage proprietary software for connected home products by using open-source software and operating system. The open-source solution supports software independent of the hardware. We explore the benefits of this solution to help OEM professionals understand the business value.


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