Holiday inspiration – 10 Tech reading and listening tips

by Marika Henriksson

Are you gearing up for a well-deserved winter holiday? While you are relaxing, here are tips from our colleagues at IOPSYS as inspiration on different aspects of technology. Enjoy!

For reading

  1. European Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Building Market Panorama 2023 report.
  2. In-Home Wi-Fi Multi-AP Solutions Trial Report from Wireless Broadband Alliance covers how multiple Access Point (AP) home networks can provide better broadband coverage than a single AP.
  3. Broadband Forum’s blog captures the latest thoughts about broadband.
  4. Check out the latest technology books recommended by the Financial Times.
  5. Decoding the digital home study 2022, a report by EY, outlines what households are looking for regarding broadband services.

For listening

  1. Joakim Bennerholt from IOPSYS was recently interviewed by the podcast Epik Mellon. In this episode, they talk about the evolution of home gateways, what we all want as broadband users, and how the open-source world is changing things for the better. Available on different streaming platforms. Listen on Spotify or see the video on Youtube.
  2. A three-part podcast from Planet Money on the topic of generative AI. Can ChatGPT write a podcast episode? Can AI take our jobs? Each episode is about 30 minutes.
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 3
  3. The Signal Podcast by Wi-Fi Alliance covers the latest topics about Wi-Fi.
  4. Linux for Everyone is a show about the exciting world of desktop Linux, open-source software and the community creating it.
  5. WIRED podcasts cover great topics on how technology is changing our lives- from culture to business, science to design. Featured podcast programs include “Have a Nice Future,” “Gadget Lab,” and “Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
Guide for CSPs: why separating software from hardware can generate more business value

This guide is intended for CSPs in the digital home market, offering consumers Wi-Fi routers, residential gateways, and extenders as part of their broadband services. It provides the rationale for why separating software (SW) from hardware (HW) can positively impact CSPs’ business and outlines the key benefits of decoupling SW and HW.

Your guide to understanding the benefits of an open-source OS

This guide gives you a practical overview of how to better manage proprietary software for connected home products by using open-source software and operating system. The open-source solution supports software independent of the hardware. We explore the benefits of this solution to help OEM professionals understand the business value.


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