A guide for CSPs: why separating software from hardware can generate more business value

How can communications service providers (CSPs) tap into consumers’ increasing interest in broadband services beyond the standard package? This guide is intended for CSPs in the connected home market, offering consumers Wi-Fi routers, residential gateways, and extenders. It provides the rationale as to why separating software (SW) from hardware (HW) can positively impact CSPs' business and unlock opportunities by adding third-party applications. In addition, we explore the benefits of hardware independent software by using an open-source operating system like IOWRT.

Topics covered

  • Market drivers: why is it the right time to choose hardware-independent software
  • What is hardware-independent software and its business value?
  • How does traditional software compare to a unified software approach?
  • How can you leverage the benefits of an open-source operating system?

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