IOPSYS’ IOWRT supports EE’s new home broadband hardware

by IOPSYS News

  • IOPSYS IOWRT, the open-source operating system based on OpenWrt, has now deployed within EE’s own OS in the new EE Home Broadband hardware
  • IOWRT successfully supports all carrier-grade industry standards while respecting the integrity of the OpenWrt base
  • EE’s own OS, based on IOWRT software, enables substantially faster deployment of new innovative services for Wi-Fi at home


Stockholm-London 2023

Swedish open-source entrepreneur IOPSYS announces the first commercial release of IOWRT for consumers from its collaboration EE. IOWRT software supports EE’s own operating system for its new home broadband hardware, including advanced Wi-Fi routers and extenders for all Home and Work coverage.

IOWRT enables EE to execute its vision of a dynamic open-source based operating system that is the same on any hardware, embraces any service and enables industry-leading customer experiences in a substantially shorter time. They completely control their gateway software, by introducing a common software layer across different hardware suppliers and chipset solutions.

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