IOPSYS Software Solutions in strategic software deal in Japan

by Marika Henriksson

IOPSYS software solutions AB announces that its IOPSYSWRT software has been selected and is successfully implemented in iTUS next-generation Gateway products.

ITUS, the Japanese part of N-iTUS, is a well-known Korean supplier of access equipment and CPE’s. ITUS selected IOPSYSWRT for its Vnet series of residential gateway targeting the fast growing Japanese market.

IOPSYSWRT is an enterprise software for CPE and gateway products. It provides a full enterprise solution with security enhancements and feature rich services such as local and remote management, enhanced WiFi experience and QoS. IOPSYSWRT is based on the best from the open source community combined with knowledge gained from building innovative gateway solutions for more than a decade.

”We selected IOPSYSWRT for its feature richness and ability to customize functionality for the Japanese market. Having a flexible and open software platform in the gateway gives us a competitive advantage”, says ITUS Japan President Mr Sangwook Son.

”We are very happy about the cooperation with ITUS and the opportunity it gives us to grow our business in Japan, a market well known for its widely deployed ultra high speed internet services and value added services”, says IOPSYS CEO Joakim Bennerholt.

About IOPSYS software solutions AB
IOPSYS is a fully owned subsidiary to Inteno Group AB and have its headquarter with R&D and sales located in Stockholm. IOPSYS software solutions AB develop and promotes the IOPSYSWRT software for residential gateways.

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About ITUS
ITUS is a Broadband Network equipment provider especially focusing on Access networks whose customers are mostly ISPs in Japanese broadband market. ITUS has been delivering various network equipment based on out-sourcing from outside of Japan in Japanese market for more than 10 years and millions of subscribers are using internet by their solution.

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