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Amin Ben Romdhane

Meet Amin, Senior Software Engineer

by Marika Henriksson

Hello Amin Ben Romdhane, what is your role at IOPSYS?

Hi, I’m a senior software engineer and part of the IOPSYS TR-x69 team. My responsibility is taking care of TR069 and TR369 protocols which are published by Broadband Forum. In fact, my main tasks consist of managing, implementing, and testing the different functionalities exposed by these protocols.

How long have you been working at IOPSYS?

I have been working at IOPSYS as an employee since I moved from Tunisia to Sweden in November 2022. But I actually started working with IOPSYS already 2018 from Tunisia, as a consultant. Therefore, I can say that I have been working with IOPSYS for more than 5 years.

How is it to live/work in Sweden?

I prefer to work mainly from the office to meet with colleagues. I’m living in an area close to the office and city center so I can say I’m lucky to find the best place and a comfortable apartment.

How would you summarize what you do?

I’m very satisfied with my work because I’m working on interesting protocols that interact directly with the end user and every feature we support has a positive significance in our product. Every day, I discuss with my team and look over my to-do list, and get started with the tickets that have the top priority.

How would you describe your team?

I am very happy with my team. Honestly, it’s a nice team and we have a good relationship even though all my teammates work from India. What I like the most is our daily meeting where we share information together.

Amin with friends

How is it to work in a diverse company like IOPSYS?

Working in a diverse company can have many benefits for the employee as they can easily improve their technical skills, knowledge, and competence. Therefore, this can benefit the company because enhanced skill sets may result in improved productivity, performance, and quality of work.

Have you had the opportunity to grow professionally since you joined?

Absolutely, all the professional experience I have acquired so far is mainly thanks to IOPSYS, since I spent most of my career with them. So, I can say that I am very grateful to IOPSYS for giving me the opportunity to work with them from the beginning of my career and then to reach this position right now.

What is exciting about IOPSYS as a company?

It’s a friendly company and the relationship is so good, so we are like a family. Also, It’s a small company and this means that everyone can easily improve their skills and grow their career. And we are working with big and well-known CSP:s and Gateway vendors in the international market.

Amin BenWould you recommend others to come work at IOPSYS?

Yes, of course. As I said before I started working with IOPSYS in 2018 and I am very satisfied with the experience and competence I gained from IOPSYS, and that’s why I decided to continue contributing from Sweden and advise everyone to join us.

Do you have any tips for them?

IOPSYS is a friendly company, so everyone thinking of joining us can easily integrate and reach out to our family, even for a non-Swedish employee, as in my case.

What are you extra proud of?

I’m a sociable person and I like to discuss with all people from other countries and to discover their cultures, and religions. Also, I’m a hard worker and I feel very happy when I see that my manager and team leader are very satisfied with my work.

Thanks Amin, we are happy to have you on our team!

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